Day to day and night to night,
     The earth bears witness to His light
       Without a speech or single word,
       But knowledge seen and overheard
        By hearing ears and seeing eyes
       And souls ascending to be wise
      Of anyone who truly seeks―
     To those who listen,
    Nature speaks.

    A crashing wave, a redwood tree,
   The purple mountains majesty,
  Collapsing glaciers, arctic snows,
 Earthquake faults and volcanos,
Streaking comets, solar flares,
 Tides that catch us unawares,
  Thunderstorms that split the night―
   Oh! Awesome edicts
    Of His might.

    A warthog's face, an aardvark's tongue,
     A beetle rolling balls of dung,
      Fainting goats, a possum's fake,
       A lizard running on a lake,
        Hyenas laughing, sleepy sloths,
       Scolding blue jays, dizzy moths,
      Lobsters marching single file
     Reflect the twinkle
    Of His smile.

    Cherry blossoms, spangled skies,
   Dancing clouds of fireflies,
  A spider's web, a worn cocoon,
 The cresting of an autumn moon,
Drifting snowflakes, shady trees,
 The secret dance of honeybees,
  An empty nest, the human race
   Are all examples
    Of His grace.

     The cricket's song, a butterfly,
      A double rainbow in the sky,
       The Northern Lights, an empty beach,
        The first bite of a juicy peach,
         Lazy rivers, dreams revealed,
        Perfume from a flowered field,
       The gentle cooing of a dove―
      Divine reminders
     Of His love.