On a warm summer day, near an old cedar fence,
 At the back of the yard where the catnip grows dense,
Shiloh finished his mid-morning grooming, then yawned,
 Quite prepared to repose by the yellowfish pond.

Of the hundreds of pastimes the garden conferred,
 Watching yellowfish swim was the one most preferred―
He loved leaving his cares on the warm summer breeze
 And catnapping to lullabies hummed by the bees.

But no sooner had Shiloh arrived to relax,
 When he spied a trespasser, a stray cat named Max
Who'd been king of garden 'til Shiloh arrived
 And whose anger still smoldered o'er being deprived.

As four feline eyes froze to one baleful stare,
 A feathered commotion swooped by in the air
As sixteen passing blackbirds caught sight of the fight
 And returned in a flurry of synchronized flight.

Since blackbirds hate cats for one reason or other,
 Like stalking a sister or munching a brother,
They dropped one by one on the old cedar fence
 And screeched out every insult their beaks could dispense.

In the past, if those tomcats would happen to meet
 They would spit for a bit and then stage a retreat,
But the longer they listened to those birds deride,
 The more the fight swelled to a matter of pride.

Soon the rivals erupted in bloodcurdling wails
 As they crouched on their bellies and thrashed angry tails
With their golden eyes blazing and ears flattened back,
 Each one choosing the moment to launch an attack.

The cats lunged at each other and started to brawl,
 Tumbling head over tail in a tight fuzzy ball
And unsheathing their claws for the first vicious slash―
 When the ground disappeared with a mighty Ker-SPLASH!

For a moment or two Shiloh feared he was dead
 Until three passing yellowfish circled his head
And he felt his paws sinking in wet squishy sand―
 So he pushed towards the surface and paddled for land.

When the blackbirds saw Shiloh in wet disarray
 And the bedraggled Max, who was slinking away,
The entire flock chirruped in raucous delight
 To see two soggy cats who were too drenched to fight.

Shiloh never forgot (I don't know about Max)
 This important life lesson when evil attacks:
When facing a challenge or quelling a threat,
 Those who give in to pride often end up all wet.