Higher than the tallest tree,
 Beyond all mediocrity,
I dreamed of what my life might be
 As feathers on a duck.

I'd happily enjoy the ride,
 My quills puffed out in fluffy pride
From knowing mallards only flied
 With feathers of a duck.

But wait! Did I feel something slip
 Down near my long and pointy tip?
Too much preening broke the grip
 Of feathers on this duck.

Falling fast, I cry "Come back!"
 But no duck felt the sudden lack
Or even gave a backwards quack
 At feathers off a duck.

Spinning, spinning, round and round,
 No direction to be found,
Drifting towards uncertain ground—
 Lost feathers from a duck.

I bolted upright in my cot
 All drenched with fear and sweaty hot...
I'm glad I'm me and glad I'm not
 The feathers on a duck.