Look up at me and you will see
The heartbreak in my eyes;
Our secret rendezvous must end -
It's time to trade goodbyes.

We gave romance a fightin' chance,
But darlin', love ain't fair…
Especially 'cuz you're a rat
And I'm a grizzly bear.

I still regret when first we met
Not ponderin' your size
Or how my slightest roll or twitch
Could hasten your demise.

I've heard the groans of rodent bones
Whenever we embrace,
And when I tried to stroke your cheek,
I nearly pierced your face.

In years ahead, if we should wed,
No kids could be bestowed,
'Cuz if we try to procreate
You prob'ly would explode.

And then someday you'd walk away
Inside some wayward cat
And leave this lovesick grizzly bear
A-mournin' for his rat.

So scurry! Go! But always know
It's you I'm thinkin' of…
'Cuz I would rather set you free
Than maim the one I love.