Red is for the valiant blood
 Spilled out in distant lands;
It surges in the tropic tides
 And stains the desert sands.

 These crimson streams of sacrifice
Which flow through history,
 Remind us of their gallant quest
To keep our country free.

White is for the pure of heart
 Who hear our nation's call
And rally quickly to her side
 To represent us all.

No earthly nation can survive
 Or pass oppression's test
Without the courage of a few
 And strength of all her best.

Blue is for a love of truth
 In those who seek to serve;
The deep respect for what is right
 And to the death preserve.

When justice triumphs over greed
 And honor conquers lust,
Our nation stands in gentle grace,
 From God, in whom we trust.

What words describe a patriot
 But one who sees the light
And holds ideals in grand esteem
 Like stars against the night?

A debt is owed, which shall remain
 Beyond all vain dispute,
And those who wear the colors well
 Deserve our proud salute.