I am the Witch of Raven's Cove,
 Drucilla is my name;
I'd like to share a tragic tale
 In which I share the blame.

Cures and potions are my trade
 For these I'm quite renowned,
But long ago a potion sold
 Caused heartbreak most profound.

I sold Love Potion to a Knight
 Who bought it for his King
(I guess he was too cheap to buy
 A nice engagement ring).

Anyway, along the way,
 A Princess was secured,
And by her marriage to the King
 A war would be deferred.

The Knight and Princess shared some wine
 Laced with my magic drink;
 The wrong two people fell in love...
Which irked the King, I think.

To make a longer story short
 The King was never wed;
My brew left him without a queen
 And both the lovers dead.

The moral of my tawdry tale
 Is twofold, don't you see?
If you desire to find true love,
 Please do it naturally.

The second lesson you should learn
 From this portrayed depiction,
Is you should never, ever take
 Another man's prescription.