When temperatures are slow to rise
 And steely clouds reclaim the skies,
The heavens drop a flaked surprise
 Upon the earth below…

It often happens late at night
 And covers every inch in white
So all will see in morning's light
 A new day blessed with snow!

The moms and dads wake up and groan
 And dread the chores the night has sown
Without recalling fun outgrown
 Or joy when snow arrives…

Instead they shovel walks and stairs
 And other paths the snow impairs
So none should bruise their derrières
 As they rush through their lives…

But as for children, it incites
 A thousand wintertime delights
Like snowmen, sleds, and snowball fights,
 Or wagons tied to skids…

Then school is cancelled for the day
 Which makes the children laugh and play;
Oh, how they wish the snow would stay―
 God's special gift for kids.