It's been forever since we talked,
 We should've kept in touch,
But I live such a busy life
 I don't have time for such.
To see your smiling face again
 Would simply be sublime…

…Perhaps I'll see you someday soon
  If I can find the time.

It's not as if I haven't thought
 About your monkeyshines―
I take your Christmas note each year
 And read between the lines,
But still I wonder how you've been
 And if you are okay…

…Perhaps I'll visit you this year
  If I can get away.

I tried to call you once or twice
 But you were never there,
I do not know your e-address
 Or I would write, I swear!
Just let me know a time and place
 And I'll see if I'm free…

…It would be nice to hear from you
  So you can hear from me.