When icy storms rage through the long winter nights
 And the snow blocks my windows and doors,
I close all the shutters and turn down the lights
 While the angry wind whistles and roars.

With each passing moment the tumult ascends,
 But I snuggle with good company―
No gale can prevail against three cozy friends
 Like hot cocoa, my blanket, and me.

The fireplace crackles and belches its sparks
 Into skies painted silver and gray,
As snow is arranged in magnificent arcs,
 Leaving cottages buried halfway.

But as the night passes I'm nary aware
 Of the drop in a single degree―
The night remains warm as I play solitaire
 With hot cocoa, my blanket, and me.

But though my repose is within my control,
 My own heart finds a cause to bemoan―
An empty spot grows in the pit of my soul
 While I wait out this blizzard alone.

So as the snow blows and the winter winds roar
 And contentment is hard to foresee,
Just give me a call and I'll knock on your door
 With hot cocoa, two blankets, and me.