As daylight fades to twilight strands
 And shadows stretch to join their hands,
I lay me down and close my eyes
 While crickets chirp sweet lullabies
And pray the Lord my soul to keep
 Before I go where angel's sleep.

Outside the window of my room,
 A cloud appears against the gloom
And bumps against the windowpane—
 I climb aboard, then once again
We drift away on gentle breeze
 A little lower than the trees.

Around an oak our journey weaves…
 I sneak a peek between the leaves
To where a bird has built her nest—
 She sleeps with beak upon her breast
And dreams of places yet to fly
 As cloud and I go floating by.

As nearer to the stars we go
 I spot a meadow far below
Where sheep are leaping just for fun—
 I try to count them one by one
Until we climb too high to see
 Through droopy eyes of sleepy me.

Along our swift and timeless flight,
 A feathered chorus fills the night
As Whippoorwills sing soulful tales
 To tunes of distant nightingales
And hooting owls who happen by
 A little lower than the sky.

Soon we sail, my cloud and me,
 Above a brightly moonlit sea
Where dolphins dance in silver spray
 And fish ignore the lack of day
Below the waters of the deep,
 Not caring much where angels sleep.

We cross the sea and head for shore—
 The world looks smaller than before
With tiny houses spread about,
 Their glowing windows winking out
Like fireflies on summer nights
 Who flicker with uncertain lights.

Then higher, faster, up we fly
 Above the sea and earth and sky
And leave the birds and fish behind—
 The time has come for us to find
Where dreams of angels blend with ours
 A little lower than the stars.

Just like a runaway balloon,
 We zig around the rising moon
Then zag into a comet's tail
 Which guides us through the starry veil—
It is a secret few can keep
 That comets go where angel's sleep.

Not far ahead and to the right
 My searching eyes behold the sight
Of golden sparkles drawing near—
 I cup my ear to better hear
The clouds of angels joined in song
 To welcome me where I belong.

Sweet dreams go flitting to and fro
 Like butterflies with gentle glow
Who whisper secrets kept by each—
 I stretch as high as I can reach
And use Big Dipper as my net
 To catch a dream I won't forget.

As eyelids flutter, dream in hand,
 No cause remains for me to stand—
I fluff my cloud into a bed
 And tuck my dream beneath my head
Then, with a yawn, I snuggle deep
 Among the stars where angels sleep.