Overhead in gray repose
 The raindrops wait...
The darkness grows...
 Upon the earth, all presuppose
A storm is coming soon.

But one progressive drop resisted,
 "Why fall to earth,
All blown and twisted?
 We should fall up,"
the drip insisted,
"And fall upon the moon."

The thunder rumbled with delight,
 "Up, you say?
You may be right!
 If you attempt this noble flight,
Your praises I'll convey!"

The lightning flashed a brilliant grin,
 "This sounds divine,
Please count me in!
 I'll blaze your path when you begin,
And gladly light your way!"

The north and south winds intertwined,
 "We'd like to help!
If you're inclined,
 We'll blow you upward from behind,
And send you clear to Mars!"

The raindrop swelled, his ego growing,
 "I'm going to try!
Who else is going?
 With all this fanfare, lights and blowing,
I'll soar among the stars!"

Cried other raindrops, quite offended,
 "We're blessed to serve,
As God intended."

 Then with a leap they all descended
To quench the fruited plain.

In his moment most defining,
 He leapt beyond
His silver lining,
 But felt his altitude decliningó

He fell to earth as rain.