Aboard the dark and rolling Ark
 The creatures all were stirring;
They'd just begun to understand
 Outside what was occurring.

"Our world is gone!" cried out the Swan,
 "Whatever shall we do?"
"I'm SO afraid,"
the Donkey brayed,
 The Fieldmouse squeaked, "Me too!"

The Lion, who was King of Beasts
 Because he was so wise,
Could hear their cries of mounting fear
 And saw it in their eyes.

"We must stay calm," he growled aloud,
 "If we shall stay alive;
Let's see what each of us can do
 To help us ALL survive"

From his abode, the Rooster crowed,
 "I'll greet each day for you!
I'm first to wake at each daybreak
 And have a fine voice too!"

The Horse said, "Someone has to tote,
 The grain and bales of hay;
This Ark is long but I am strong,
 I'll haul our food each day."

Koala pried a sleepy eye,
 "At climbing, I'm the best—
I'll scale the beams and carry seeds
 To every birdie's nest.
Then everything with feathered wing
 Will always be well-fed!"

Then he yawned, scratched his ear,
 And crawled back into bed.

"That's SO sweet," chirped Parakeet,
 "For you to help us birds—
Knowing we will never starve
 Is too superb for words!
Instead of searching all the time
 For food to keep us strong,
We're free to sing while on the wing
 And fill the Ark with song!"

"We all must somehow stay informed,"
 Spoke up the White-Tailed Deer,
"This Ark is huge from stem to stern—
 Not everyone can hear.
I'll spread the news to everyone
 And tell what's going on…
With speed to burn I can return
 Before you know I'm gone!"

The tall Giraffe choked back a laugh,
 "My job is clear," she said,
"I'm the only one who's built
 To see what lies ahead."

"My turn!" sang out the Elephant,
 With a wide and tusky grin,
"Giraffe can tell us where we are,
 I'll recall where we've been!"

The Sheep cried, "It's so cold and damp
 The young can scarcely bear it—
Let's make them blankets from my wool…
 Believe me, I can spare it!"

"I know how I can help you all,"
 Sniffed loud the snooty Camel,
"I require less to drink,
 Than any other mammal.
I'll gladly give my share to all
 To help digest your fodder,
And promise not to be a grouch,
 While I'm retaining water."

Skunk cried, "Oh, dear, I deeply fear
 My squirt might take its toll—
I'd better stay out of the way
 And practice self-control."

Monkey grinned from ear to ear,
 "I, too, will do my part—
Time passes much more quickly
 If there's laughter in your heart;
Let me will play the fool for you
 (I'm told I'm quite beguiling)
And try my very, very best
 To always keep you smiling."

A Butterfly came flitting by
 Fresh from her dark cocoon,
"I knew someday that I would change
 But never dreamed so soon!
I'll be a nice reminder
 That all things can renew!
If crawly things can bring forth wings,
 Just think what YOU can do!"

Upon the cliffs of Ararat
 They finally ran aground;
They left the Ark and headed home
 With wisdom they had found.

And to this day all creatures know
 When faced with stormy weather,
It's always best to face a test
 By working all together.