One wintertime when I was five
 My mama told me true,
"If you intend to stay alive
 Here's what you've gotta do…

"Lay on the ground with arms outstretched
 An' flap 'em to an' fro,
Then swing your legs until they're etched
 For angels in the snow!

"The more you make, the more there'll be
 To keep you safe at play,
An' tho' they might be hard to see
 They'll follow you all day."

So when my daily chores were done,
 I galloped out the door
An' found a white patch in the sun
 Where I'd not played before.

I kept on lookin' to the sky
 While flailin' in the snow,
Then from the corner of my eye
 Saw somethin' swoopin' low.

They looked like angels, bona fide,
 So far as I could see,
An' they stuck closely at my side
 To keep an eye on me.

They kept me warm down to my feet
 By keepin' zippers zipped,
An' followed me down every street
 To grab me if I slipped.

When my red sled went runnin' wild
 They slowed the risky ride, 
An' when the junkman's dog got riled
 They showed me where to hide.

They saved my face from gettin' whacked
 With slushballs comin' quick,
An' if when skatin' somethin' cracked,
 They'd freeze the ice real thick.

Sometimes they'd scare the beasts away
 That stalked me unawares,
By keepin' mountain lions at bay
 Or chasin' grizzly bears.

But when the shadows stretched to night
 An' Mama called me in,
Them angels disappeared from sight
 As if they'd never been.

They came each winter of my youth 
 Just like my mama said,
So rest assured I've told the truth
 Because I still ain't dead.