Sometimes when I am all alone,
 I'll close my eyes and dream of home…
A place where captive souls like me
 Are saved to live forever free.

Beyond the confines of this chair,
 I'll meet my Savior in the air—
At last an equal with the crowds,
 I leap and dance among the clouds.

And all who look upon His face
 Will feel His touch of healing grace;
The lame will walk and blind will see—
 He'll vanquish disability.

But as for now, I'll persevere
 And bear my cross year after year;
I'll praise the Lord with joyous hymns
 So all see Him, not withered limbs.

And as the wheels beneath me roll,
 My faith will help support my soul;
With loving heart and mind secure
 Until the end, I shall endure.

And if, at times, I feel alone,
 I'll close my eyes and dream of home...