Late upon the winter nights
 When hearths are burning low,
I watch my memories revealed
 In flakes of falling snow.

Against my windowpane they dance, 
 Too lively to ignore;
Each one more precious and unique
 Than those which came before.

I see my childhood drifting down
 Like blessings from above,
And catch a glimpse of my first kiss
 Before I learned to love.

Behold the eyes that pierced my soul
 And smile that warmed my heart;
We braved the storm of lessons learned
 Until our time to part.

Now memories of love's embrace
 Sail gently 'round the moon,
And fall as teardrops from my eyes
 Like snowflakes gone too soon.

Our children frolic, swoop and swirl
 Like flurries on the breeze;
They linger for a little while,
 Then wander where they please.

Hence I gaze and contemplate,
 Which might seem quite bizarre,
But how we weather out the storms
 Determines who we are.

And so, dear children, listen deep
 To secrets I bestow
So wisdom shared from me to you
 May live in winter snow.