You say the changes I've observed
 Are dreadful to behold
And surely I must hurt inside
 To watch the world grow cold;
Well, maybe I'm too gray to care,
 Much less, to be consoled…

…I hope I'm never old enough
  To learn what I've been told.

They tell me I should compromise
 And join the status quo
Because those morals I embrace
 Expired long ago;
They say I should accept the fact
 I cannot fight the flow…

…I hope I'm never old enough
  To know what I should know.

I hear them whisper to themselves
 How years have slipped away
And how my dreams and future plans
 Lie strewn in disarray―
The time to reach my goals has passed;
 At least that's what they say…

…I hope I'm never old enough
  To settle for today