I cannot help how I'm perceived
 By those I hardly know―
Not everyone is born to sit
 Among the status quo.

Yet knowing you believe in me
 Puts all my fears at rest―
It only matters what you think
 'cause you're who knows me best.

I'm not concerned what people say
 As they stray through my life―
The onslaught of unbridled tongues
 Can only fester strife.

Yet every word your tongue imparts
 Weighs heavier than theirs―
It only matters what you say
 'cause you're the one who cares.

Friends and nightmares come and go
 Along this mortal road
As all the mysteries of life
 Are randomly bestowed.

Yet every night in slumbered bliss,
 It's you I'm dreaming of―
It only matters you are there
 'cause you're the one I love.