When darkness falls upon our lives
 And storm clouds fill the sky,
We need a place to rest our heads
 Until it passes by,
So thus the spirit of dismay
 Is painless to defy…

…The bed in which we place our hope
      Is where we're forced to lie.

Day by day we build our beds
 Both flexible and spry
To bear the weight of empty words
 And every hopeless sigh,
We keep the bedding clean and white
 To dab our tearful eye…

…The bed in which we place our faith
      Is where we go to cry.

Once days of tribulations pass
 And end of life draws nigh,
We'll snuggle in among our dreams
 To watch a vacant sky;
The memories of all we were
 Embrace our last goodbye…

…The bed we build throughout our lives
      Is where we'll go to die.