Side by side we sit alone
 Determined to ignore
The musty carcass of Our Love
 Between us on the floor.

I fill my mind with blissful times
 When Our Love first arrived—
No hour spent seemed long enough
 Or platitude contrived;

But soon the stranger you concealed
 Burst forth forevermore,
And now Our Love lies cold and dead
 Between us on the floor.

You stabbed it with your lying tongue
 And strangled it with strife,
Your nagging drove it to its knees,
 Your cheating took its life;

And though I tried to justify
 The one whom I adore,
I can no longer bear the stench
 Between us on the floor.

The day will come to face your crimes,
 Of this, I have no doubt—
With few regrets, I'll turn you in...
 Or rather, turn you out;

And I'll move on to other loves
 Much wiser than before
Once nothing of Our Love remains
 Between us on the floor.