How loudly must I plead, O Lord,
 Before my prayers are heard?
How can my anguish be ignored
 From judgments not incurred?

My soul is sodden with dismay
 From debts I must abide
While all my daydreams drift away
 Upon the evening tide.

Am I outnumbered by the meek
 Whose steadfast faith inspires?
Or has my inner voice grown weak
 From counting vain desires?

There must be failings, I surmise,
 For which I must atone
Before you hearken to the cries
 Of one who weeps alone.

Can selfless deeds unseal my fate?
 What is required of me?
No earthly task would be too great
 To set my spirit free.

The hope grows cold within my heart
 And music flees my soul
As each new journey you impart
 Strays further from my goal.

 I shall await your silent voice
 Beneath this dismal sky
And struggle with a final choice―
 To curse my life or die.