Step wise, O Horseman of my heart,
 Lest wrongly you decide
Which barren road is best to flee
 The Valley of My Pride.

I sense your soulful progress deep
 Through forests grown from fears,
Avoiding husks of empty deeds
 And shadows made of mirrors.

You dare not halt or slow your step
 Lest twilight overtakes
And finds you bogged in bitter mire
 Left by my past mistakes.

I pray no sin or hellish snare
 Dissuades your sturdy stride
While seeking pathways to escape
 The Valley of My Pride.

Behold! a distant gleam ahead
 Beyond Disgruntled Creek;
You brave its leeches and ignore
 Their egocentric shriek.

With blade of truth and polished shield
 You slay ghouls of deceit
Who strive to drag you from your mount
 Entwined in vile conceit.

Godspeed, O Horseman of my heart
 Upon your valiant ride,
And blaze a trail for me across
 The Valley of My Pride.