Beyond discarded childhood dreams and old protective walls,
 My restless spirit stirs awake—and then the highway calls;
It tempts with whispered promises of trophies yet bestowed,
 And shares adventures which await upon the open road.

An awesome shell of chrome and glass stands worthy of respect,
 Inviting some to peer inside while others to reflect;
A key is turned, it springs to life with rich and throaty roar
 And strains at shackles born of youth in search of something more.

The work is done to pave a way for power so entrusted,
 With lessons tightened into place and attitudes adjusted;
No trace of smoke is thus dispelled nor additives ensnare,
 Just muscle built upon a mix of high-grade fuel and air.

Restraining doors are flung aside and freedom comes to sight,
 A gentle mesh of gears is heard and rolls into the night;
No thrill can give a virgin heart more reason to rejoice
 Than racing, throttle open wide, towards every gleaming choice.

No shame is felt by those who choose to cruise a slower pace—
 The goal is not to finish first but be part of the race
And courtesies expected should be offered first in kind
 With pitfalls marked in blind respect for those who come behind.

Steep tolls are paid along the way for keeping fancy free,
 And wisdom whizzes past the glass, at times too fast to see;
But faith in God and lessons learned light up the road ahead
 To navigate the moonless nights when angels fear to tread.

When all good journeys meet the sky, a destination looms
 Beneath a blazing neon sign announcing vacant rooms;
No traveler is turned away who seeks the rising Son,
 And dreams forgotten live again at end of Highway One.