Don't try to recognize my name...
 Fact is, we've never met;
We need to talk and this may be
 The only chance we'll get.

Please listen to my heartfelt plea...
 I have no cause to lie,
But time is short for you, my friendľ
 Today, you're going to die.

I cannot tell you where or how...
 These things I cannot know,
But rest assured the time grows short
 Before you'll have to go.

Throughout your life the Gospel swirled
 Attempting to be heard,
But you ignored its song of grace
 And labeled it absurd.

Each step you took away from God
 Propelled you toward the fire
In search of artificial peace
 To soothe your heart's desire.

But Jesus never left your side
 When you were gone astray
And He's still there to give you life
 On this, your dying day.

Your soul weighs heavy on my heart,
 As does your chosen fateľ
So please, dear stranger, take His hand
 Before it is too late.