"It's not your place to judge," you cry,
 "There's nothing you can do
So if you love me as you claim
 You should accept it too."

Your blind rejection of my plea
 Cuts through me like a knife...
"Don't ask me, Dear, to look away
 While you destroy your life."

"I can handle it," you laugh,
 "Or stop at any time,
You're the only one I know
 Who treats it like a crime."

I can't ignore the simple truth
 Or put it on the shelf...
"Don't ask me, Dear, to never hear
 When you lie to yourself."

"What can happen?" you reply,
 "Your nagging is unreal!
I don't know why you're so upset

 It's really no big deal."

A gentle sob escapes my lips
 In lieu of a goodbye...
"Don't ask me, Dear, to stick around
 Until the day you die."