Last night while searching for a hint
 When Jesus would arrive,
I flipped my Bible quite by chance
 To Psalms 145.

"Great is the LORD," the verse proclaimed,
 "And greatly to be praised;
His greatness is unsearchable ..."

 I shook my head, amazed.

"Unsearchable?" I spoke aloud,
 "Why would this be concealed?
The info on how great thou art
 Should surely be revealed."

Deep in thought, I loosed my grip
 And watched the blur of ink
As pages flipped from left to right
 To Job 5:9 (I think).

Again, the word "unsearchable,"
 Leapt boldly from the verse,
Referring to the works of God
 Both countless and diverse.

"Why can't I search for all these things?"
 I questioned with a moan,
"This is the Information Age
 When everything is known."

A spark of hope sprang in my soul—
 "I'll use the internet!
I'll find the greatness of the Lord
 In record time, I bet."

I grabbed my laptop from the shelf
 And propped it in my lap;
I couldn't wait to start my quest
 And give those keys a tap.

But Google somehow missed the point,
 Jeeves said, "Don't ask again,"
I had no luck with AOL,
 And less with MSN.

I scaled the Alta Vista peaks
 And yodeled a "Yahoo!"
But only echoes of my voice,
 Returned to fill my queue.

HotBot responded cold and hard,
 Excite seemed quite subdued,
LookSmart came off a little dense,
 And Lycos, downright rude.

Just then, the keyboard in my lap
 Became too hot to touch;
The search for greatness of the Lord
 Had proved to be too much.

I closed the smoking laptop lid
 And traded for my book;
The internet had let me down—
 Where else was I to look?

With fingers drumming on His Word,
 I gazed around the room
And thought how God had blessed my life
 In ways I can't presume.

 I heard the stirrings of my wife
Asleep in peaceful bliss—
 How great it was to share her love
And magic of her kiss.

Our children grinned from gilded frames
 Placed on my desk with care—
How great to watch them grow in faith;
 A joy beyond compare!

God's greatness dwells within my life
 Not in technology,
So when I search to find His grace
 I should begin with me.