Today I bought a fancy car
 (And paid too much, I fear);
It came with options by the ton
 So all I do is steer.

There's GPS and voice command,
 Seat heaters and TV,
And dashboard lights that flash and glow
 Just like a Christmas tree.

I love the window-washing droids
 And vacuums for the floors,
But one thing has me seeing redó
 I can't unlock the doors.

The answer lies somewhere inside
 That massive Owner's Guide;
I should've taken time to look
 Before I took this ride.

I yell for help as I whiz by,
 But no one heeds my shout;
Nobody is a bit concerned
 My car won't let me out.

So 'round and 'round the town I go
 Encased in steel and glass
And pray that someday I'll be free
 When I run out of gas.