You asked about my first true love
 And how things went so wrong;
Well, prime that jukebox with a dime
 And hear my tragic song…

I saw her dancing 'At The Hop,'
 Her name was 'Peggy Sue;'
She asked me, "Do You Want To Dance?"
 Inside I cheered "Woo-Hoo!"

Clearly I was 'All Shook Up,'
 My heartbeat went 'Sh-Boom;'
Was this another 'Teen-age Crush'
 Or 'April Love' in bloom?

And then she asked, "'Come Go With Me'
 For 'Tutti Frutti' punch,"
'Trickle, Trickle' on her dress—
 'Uh! Oh!'  I spilled a bunch!

Although I said "I'm Sorry" twice
 And "'Please, Please, Please' don't go,"
'Chances Are' she left that night
 With 'Ragtime Cowboy Joe.'