Oh Lord, I beseech you
 To watch over me,
There's somethin' a-bumpin'
 I can't hardly see…
I know it's a-lurkin'
 Just out of my sight―
That thing in my bedroom
 That thumps in the night.

My closet creaks open
 (Or was it the floor?)
An' I see a shadow
 That warn't there before
When I stuffed my new jacket
 Away out of sight―
Oh! Save me from ghosties
 That thump in the night!

What's this I'm a-seein'
 Crouched under my bed?
Dust bunnies a-plenty
 Or somethin' to dread?
If I leave my mattress
 I fear they might bite!
I'm trapped by the shadows
 That thump in the night.

Outside in the hallway
 I hear somethin' pause
An' it's scratchin' the doorjamb
 With sharp scary claws―
I sure hope my kitty,
 Miss Priss, is alright
If she bumps into beasties
 That thump in the night.

I quiver an' listen
 Here flat on my back
To the werewolves a-howlin'
 Just like my dog Jack!
The winds are a-blowin'
 An' moon's shinin' bright―
Go away, all you nightmares
 That thump in the night!

Thank goodness it's morning
 An' light fills my room
To scare off all the beasties
 That hid in the gloom
'Cuz of all the bumpin'
 That gave me such fright,
My heart was the loudest
 That thumped in the night.