I met with Fate the other day
 To share a pot of tea—
A meeting meant to circumvent
 My curiosity.

"What do you have in store for me?"
 I asked him with a smile,
"I need to know which way to go
 To make my life worthwhile."

Fate raised his dainty china cup
 And took two silent sips,
Then threw it down upon the ground
 Reducing it to chips!

"I cannot answer what you ask
 Since you are in control—
If you and me had not had tea
 That cup would still be whole."

I felt the blood drain from my face;
 "My faith in you is flawed!
If destiny is up to me
 You're nothing but a fraud!"

"Oh, I dunno," Fate slyly smiled
 And gestured his farewell,
"If you rely on me to fly,
 I'll throw you down as well."