Eggs and bacon, waffles too,
 Juice and honey bun-
Breakfast food for me and you...
 But not for everyone.

Pigs like porridge made of mud,
 Deer eat puffy oats,
Cows enjoy a scrambled cud,
 Warm tin cans feed goats.

Frosted flies will fill a frog,
 Colts chew shredded hay,
Hash brown kibble for the dog,
 Cats love mouse purée.

Sautéed seedlings thrill a mole,
 Mice slurp acorn stew,
Snakes consume their breakfast whole,
 Owls prefer to chew.

Bees insist on something sweet,
 Tigers eat theirs raw,
Monkeys hold theirs with their feet,
 Grizzlies use a claw.

These exotic breakfast eats
 May seem a bit bizarre-
I suppose our morning treats
 Depend on who we are.