Last night after our goodnight kiss
 I stumbled at her door―
A notebook lay in disarray
 Upon her bedroom floor.

Homework papers from that day
 Were spilling from inside,
So I knelt down to pick it up
 And save scholastic pride.

But as the vinyl cover closed,
 I saw, to my surprise,
That all the secrets of her life
 Were right before my eyes!

Names and numbers scribbled down
 Belonging to her friends,
Kittens are her favorite pets,
 Algebra offends.

Favorite music groups were there
 Along with those she hates,
Warren Stuart picks his nose,
 Jenny Thompson dates.

Cheeseburgers are wonderful,
 P.E. is a waste,
Some initials scrawled in hearts,
 Others are erased.

I put the notebook on her bed
 And smoothed her tussled hair,
Amazed to learn about the life
 She has when I'm not there.