It's Sunday night—
 We all agree
To gather as
 A family;
The popcorn pops,
 Kids fight for space,
A silver disc
 Is put in place
And lights are dimmed
 To help enhance
The film we choose
 To give a chance;
The movie drags,
 Our naughty son
Takes careful aim
 And just for fun
Throws a kernel
 Through the air,
Striking sister
 In the hair,
Who sends it back
 Across the room
Which hits the cat,
 Who in the gloom
Suspects the dog
 Of disrespect
And pays him back
 With claws unchecked
Which makes him jump
 Onto a chair
And spill the bowl
 Of popcorn there
Upon my wife
 Who then pelts me
With husks and chaff
 Which I can't see
So I strike back
 With specks of white
Which thus declares
 A popcorn fight
And movie night
 Ends in a brawl—
A cinematic