Time to spend but none to waste,
 Paints and dyes (all water based),
Whitish globs of tasty paste―
 These are things you'll need…

Scissors honed with rounded tips,
 Crayons, chalk, and paper clips,
Kisses, hugs, and bandage strips
 When hearts and elbows bleed.

Buttons, thread, and candy bars,
 Sable brushes, jelly jars,
Rhinestones shaped like golden stars
 To decorate the years…

Or perhaps, as some prefer,
 Wheels that spin and gears that whir,
Pots of mud with sticks to stir
 Will serve as souvenirs.

Birthday candles (slightly charred),
 Glitter from a Christmas card,
Patience purchased by the yard
 For awkward questions braved…

Macaroni (mixed with cheese),
 Blossoms gathered from the trees,
Lofty giggles on the breeze
 Are treasures to be saved.

While working with divine designs,
 Take care to stay within the lines
And make sure righteousness defines
 The items you've compiled…

And when your skills are wearing thin,
 A spray of love will seal them in.
Well, are you ready to begin?
 Let's make a happy child!