Mom and Dad have gone to bed,
 The house is draped in dark―
Two stealthy boys creep down the stairs
 Preparing to embark.

A mop and broom is what they seek
 Behind a closet door,
Yet they will leave both stringy ends
 Abandoned on the floor.

Armed with sticks, they climb again
 And slip into their room
Excited o'er what fun awaits
 With bed knobs, mop, and broom.

Broomsticks change to dueling swords
 The pirates wield with ease
Until one victor is proclaimed
 The Master of the Seas.

A bed knob fixed atop a stick
 Becomes a wizard's wand
To battle minions of the dark
 And evil creatures spawned.

Eight bed knobs fly across the room
 As volleyed cannon balls
Which sometimes sink each other's bed
 Or bounce off nearby walls.

Approaching footfalls in the hall
 Prompt midnight games to stop―
They screw the bed knobs back in place
 And hide the broom and mop.

Despite the battles they have won
 And all the fun they had,
They know their mom will still be Mom
 And Dad will still be Dad.