Within my cage of nylon mesh,
 I squint between the weave—
My morning nap has left me fresh
 To ponder and conceive.

Again my aspirations flow
 Beyond the playroom door
Just like they did two days ago
 (But not the day before).

I noticed how my Daddy walked
 From room to room with ease,
While all about the house I stalked
 Upon my hands and knees.

I'm quite adept at many things
 Like how to sing and clap,
And how to tuck zucchini strings
 Unseen upon my lap.

I've learned to play the jingling keys
 And splash while in the bath—
Yet I would trade all expertise
 To walk my Daddy's path.

But how can I escape these walls
 Which loom above my chin?
It's true they cushion me from falls,
 But also fence me in.

No time to muddle in despair—
 This setback I can thwart
By climbing up my teddy bear
 (If he will lend support).

High above the floor I flip
 Where angels fear to tread,
Careful not to lose my grip
 And bump my punkin' head.

Finally, I reach the ground
 With nowhere left to hide—
Determination still abound
 To match my Daddy's stride.

But since I've never walked before
 With no one at my side,
Will I be able to explore
 On legs I've never tried?

The muscles in my chubby thighs
 Firm up like Cream of Wheat;
To my delight (and some surprise)
 I stand on my two feet!

With all remaining doubts dissolved
 I scan the wide expanse,
Adorned in nothing but resolve
 And pair of soggy pants.

Although I tend to pitch and roll,
 It's better than a crawl,
So off I swagger toward my goal
 While feeling three feet tall.

My Daddy's laughter fills the air
 Back where my trip began;
Quite suddenly I am aware,
 There's been a change of plan.

I turn to look upon His face
 Which wears a loving smile—
Approval flows from His embrace
 Which makes my trek worthwhile.

Deep inside, I think I knew
 He'd been there all along—
Watching, rather than pursue,
 In hopes I'll grow up strong.

But even if I ate my beets
 Or any fruit you choose,
I'd prob'ly never grow the feet
 To fill my Daddy's shoes.