"Mommy! Mommy! Come here quick!"
Implores her frantic shout,
"I cut the hair on Teddy Bear
 An' stuffin's fallin' out."

With cocoa and some fuzzy yarn
 I mend the wounds with care,
And pray she'll see no tragedy
 Worse than a leaking bear...

"Oh, Mom, I don't know what to do,"
 She moans with tortured face,
"This gown's too long and fits me wrong
 An' I'll look out of place."

I raise the hem with patient sighs
 And sense her tension shrink
As youth is shed like frazzled thread
 Of polyester pink...

"Mother, could you lend a hand?"
 Her tone an anxious wail,
"A rose brocade of heavy suede
 Is tangled in my veil."

The scissor blades must fully join
 Before they draw apart―
I snip the ties with misty eyes
 And free her borrowed heart...

"Gramma? Can you fix my jeans?"
 (I hear his mother speak!)
"I tore the knees while climbing trees
 An' Mom is gonna freak."

With denim thread and mellow heart
 I tread where time has flown
And thank the Lord for my reward―
 To reap what I have sewn.