The Holy Family figurines
 That sit on my TV
Would really look spectacular
 With more than just those three.

I wander down the crowded aisles
 Of the department store
In search of decorations past
 I know I've seen before.

But halfway through my fruitless search,
 I straighten with a frown―
Where have all the stables gone?
 I fear they're all torn down…

Undaunted, I resumed the quest
 To fill my Christmas scene
But only spotted Santa Claus
 Among the evergreen.

"Merry Christmas" was obscured
 By "Happy Holiday"―
Where have all the wise men gone?
 I fear they've lost their way…

One more aisle of red and green
 Between me and the door,
Yet I've not found a single thing
 That I came shopping for.

I left the store with nothing new,
 Both puzzled and dismayed―
Where have all the shepherds gone?
 I fear their flocks have strayed…