"Be patient, O Jerusalem, and pray at Mercy's Gate,
 For soon the Lord's Anointed One will overturn our fate;
Astride a white and gallant steed with God's authority,
 He'll break the iron chains of Rome and set the captives free."

 A donkey grazes in the square on palm fronds left behind,
  Contently waiting to be led where usually confined;
   He watched the cheering crowd disperse for fear they might displease,
    Yet still hears echoes of their cry, "Hosanna!" on the breeze.

"On the day Messiah comes our foes shall taste defeat
 And He shall wipe them from our land like dust beneath His feet;
The pain inflicted o'er the years shall be repaid in kind,
 And insults hurled shall be unfurled on those who once maligned."

 The people speak in muted tones about a message heard―
  That loving others as themselves is what the Lord preferred,
   Forgiveness is the right response when evil is bestowed,
    And never make your neighbor pay a debt they never owed.

"He shall ascend the Temple Mount to offer sacrifice
 And buy redemption for our souls regardless of the price;
Upon the altar He shall place great offerings untold
 To cleanse our sins as God commands with vast amounts of gold."

 Their changing tables overturned and precious coinage spilled,
  The merchants on the temple steps seek profits unfulfilled;
   Upon their knees they bow and scrape amid beseeching groans
    While seeking out elusive gods that rolled between the stones.

"No longer shall we plow the earth to keep our stomachs fed―
 With wheat and barley from His hands we'll make our daily bread;
Our grapes shall never be allowed to wither on the vine
 So we might celebrate all night and drink the finest wine."

 The scattered remnants of a meal adorn the upper room
  As candles burning overhead surrender to the gloom;
   A sop of breadcrust dipped in wine lies idle on a plate
    Beside a goblet filled with tears too red to contemplate.

"We'll raise him high above the crowd for all the world to see,
 And He shall pardon all our debts amid the Jubilee;
Each godless deed shall be reversed and umbrage turned around
 Upon that coronation morn God's chosen king is crowned."

 The storm above Golgotha Hill obscures the light of day
  Yet silhouettes an empty cross against the churning gray;
   A crudely woven crown of thorns lies trampled in the dust
    Beneath a sign, "King of the Jews," handwritten in disgust.

"Then He shall rule forevermore upon His earthly throne
 And we shall dwell in perfect peace and never walk alone;
The kings and princes of the earth shall fear His holy name,
 And woe to those who scorn His grace to risk Perdition's flame."

 King Herod's guards are looking grim. The Pharisees look gray.
  Pontius Pilate can't be found. The stone was rolled away!
   "He is Risen!" angels sing in choruses sublime,
    "And He shall reign at Heaven's gate until the end of time!"