More years ago than I can count (or really want to say),
 I learned in high school physics class why colors look that way;
How light itself contains the hues of yellow, orange, and green,
 Purple, cyan, blue and red - and some which can't be seen.

When we see objects in the light, the hue our eye detects
 Is not within the thing itself but how that thing reflects;
In other words, a yellow ball is not yellow at all—
 It just reflects the yellow hues from light rays as they fall.

Furthermore, if you combine all colors found in light,
 The color that your eye perceives will be a brilliant white;
Yet lack of light constrains the strength of colors bouncing back,
 So in the darkness things look gray or sometimes fade to black.

Like all creations in this world, each living soul reflects
 A hue determined by the light it chooses or rejects.

Five days before mankind was born, the Lord created light
 And tucked the yellows, reds, and blues within a veil of white;
He arched the colors in the sky to show what He had done,
 Then gave their brilliance as a gift to His begotten Son.

Thus only Jesus can reflect His Father's perfect hues:
 The fervent reds, the peaceful greens, the empathetic blues;
Only He can be adorned in pure aspects of light—
 Transfigured brightly as the sun, His visage blazing white.

All who stand in Jesus' light will leave observers awed
 To see their human soul reflect the attributes of God;
The closer to the Lord they stand the brighter they shall shine—
 Although the colors are diverse, the source remains divine.

But what of those lost in the dark or walk in shades of gray?
 Reflections of His light in us will help them find their way.