"Excuse me, Sir, might I enquire
How I can lift my spirit higher?
Your joy is awesome to admire―
Please tell me what I may require."

  "God bless you, Son, for your desire―
  Few greater goals could you aspire.
  Now, in your days of living prior,
  What's been your foremost joy denier?"

"That's easy, Sir. My heart's on fire
To do the work God might require
But fear no greatness shall transpire
Before my earthly days expire."

  "Your problem, Son, is you conspire
  To shape the Lord to your desire―
  Seek out small ways you might inspire
  To gain true joy as His supplier."

"But tell me, Sir, if plans misfire,
Won't I bring down His holy ire?
To miss His calling would be dire
Once all my earthly days expire."

  "God loves us, Son, so don't perspire;
  Help a neighbor! Join the choir!
  He will bless us through the mire
  Until the day our souls retire."

"Oh, thank you, Sir, you've lit my fire
To share the joy that I require―
In little ways I shall aspire
To serve the Lord 'til I expire."