I know a place just out of sight
 Where truth dispels the darkest night
And angels whisper in delight
 To share a perfect plan...

So far away, yet in our midst,
 Prepared for those who dare persist
Through tribulations reminisced
 Before the earth began.

A kingdom waits around the bend
 Too great for us to comprehend
With borders we cannot transcend
 Or hope to understand...

And those who have arrived before
 Still beckon from that distant shore
Beyond the churning ocean's roar
 Like countless grains of sand.

Oh! how I yearn to beckon too,
 Or stroll those golden streets with you
And quench my thirsty soul anew,
 Released from shades of gray...

Our earthly woes shall disappear
 And none shall scoff in silent fear
No other life exists but here
 Upon this sphere of clay.

On wings of grace, I'll join you thereó
 We'll soar together through the air
And follow fragrant wisps of prayer
 To where the angels sing...

Our transformation has begun
 From foreigner to native son,
And soon our souls shall join as one
 To kneel before the King.