How must it be to share a life
 Yet always stay unseen―
A mere observer, always there,
 Refused to intervene?

A single plea o'er trembling lips
 Would loose a knowing hand,
But silent brooding, nothing shared,
 Brings naught to understand.

How must it feel to proffer gifts
 Yet have them slapped aside―
Rejected by an anger spawned
 O'er lesser things denied?

Intended treasures born of grace
 With pleasures to impart
Are oft forgotten, shunned or lost
 Within a bitter heart.

How must it ache to feel betrayed
 By hearts that beat untrue
And watch devotion realigned
 By harlots found anew?

The carnal spirit wanders free
 On journeys warped by lust
And seeks true love along the way
 But only finds distrust.

How must it sound to hear the truth
 Reviled when men converse
Or hear the name above all else
 Diminished to a curse?

A darkness lurking in their soul
 Retains no praise for light
And sacrifices, new and old,
 Are foolish in their sight.

Have you ever searched your soul
 And found a need for prayer,
Yet wondered how a mighty God
 Can grasp one man's despair?

Before you offer up your pain
 On pew or bended knee,
Imagine deep His tearstained eyes
 And ask, "How must it be?"