I often wish I could expand
 my Wisdom like a rubber band
  so I might better understand
   the mysteries the Lord has planned...

I wish I could increase my Cheer
 and shift it into second gear―
  I'd swap my smile for every tear
   until our heartaches disappear...

I sometimes wish my Faith would grow
 like rising loaves of kneaded dough
  so my impatient need to know
   would learn to travel with the flow...

I wish I could enlarge my Love
 to fill my heart like hand in glove
  so I might please the Lord above
   by loving those He's thinking of...

My final wish is prolonged Peace
 to soothe my soul like quilted fleece
  and make my daily trials decrease
   until these days of hardship cease...

And if the heavens hear my plea
 and help bestow these things on me,
  my mind and spirit might agree
   and live in hallowed harmony.