When first you came to call my name
 Your voice flowed on the breeze;
You spoke with colors from the fields
 And whispered through the trees...

...but I ran chasing butterflies
 And held my freedom dear—
For I was but a carefree child
 With ears too young to hear.

When next you came to share your love
 Your passions moved the skies;
The thunder shook the sultry air
 And grace flashed in your eyes...

...but I pursued my empty lusts
 And spent my heart on youth—
For I was but a foolish lad
 Still lost within my truth.

When still you came to guide my path
 On fleeting winter eves,
You marked my days with fading blooms
 And swirls of withered leaves...

...but I demanded vain rewards
 To covet and accrue—
For I was but a selfish man
 With too much else to do.

When last you came to take my hand,
 You found me all alone;
My hair was frosted white with age
 And eyes were cold as stone...

...but with a smile you warmed my heart
 And healed these sightless eyes—
And now I am a child again
 In search of butterflies.