If you should see me on the street
 And wonder where I live
Or feel the urge to take my hand
 And ask what you can give,
Don't pity me from what you see
 Or shake your head and groan…

For I am walking with my Lord
 And never walk alone.

Indeed, my tattered clothes are worn
 And shoes are wearing thin,
But actually they look quite good
 In light of where I've been;
Don't pity me for what I wear—
 They fit me like a glove…

Besides, I'm walking with my Lord
 Who wraps me with His love.

I may not have two coins to rub
 Or paper bills to fold,
My earthly needs are always met
 With miracles untold!
Don't pity me for being poor
 Or lack of life's extremes…

For I am walking with my Lord
 And rich beyond my dreams.