Don't lead me down the shadowed roads
 To show me earth's debris―
I saw my share of hidden sin
 Before God rescued me;
I'll not forget how blind I was
 Before He set me free...

 ...just let me walk in Jesus' light,
That's all I need to see.

Don't lecture on theology,
 No matter how sincere;
My poor brain cannot comprehend
 Such teachings so austere!
They tend to muddy up my thoughts
 Instead of making clear...

...just tell me more of Jesus' words,
 That's all I need to hear.

Don't frighten me with prophesy
 Of times I might outlive―
When saints and sinners, sheep and goats
 Are filtered through God's sieve;
It breaks my heart to know the fate
 Of those He can't forgive...

...just teach me more of Jesus' love,
 That's all I need to live.