Dark clouds gather, tension flowing,
 Harbingers of chaos sowing,
Rumors hatched of dangers growing
 Barely out of sight…

Out of nowhere, softly speaking,
 Comes the Keeper, almost sneaking,
Warning all about the wreaking
 Coming in the night…

"Let me share your pain, my friends,
 Let me share your pain,
Join those gathered in my cage
 All feasting on disdain."

Thunder clapping, faces paling,
 Monetary strongholds failing,
Voices joined in mournful wailing
 Choking silent hymns…

Speaking louder, walking bolder,
 Comes the Keeper, wrapped in smolder,
Reassuring each beholder
 As tomorrow dims…

"Let me fill your mind, my friends,
 Let me fill your mind,
Once behind these sturdy bars,
 All truths are left behind."

Mass confusion, trust forsaken,
 Few rewards for chances taken,
Faith and Golden Rules are shaken
 From their rightful place…

Rising taller, sneering slightly,
 Comes the Keeper, burning brightly,
Features etched and grooved unsightly
 On his fearsome face…

"Let me guide your fate, my friends,
 Let me guide your fate,
Safety waits in my embrace
 One step beyond my gate."

All is peaceful, nothing stirring,
 Fringe convictions now concurring,
Those within the cage preferring
 Life to liberty…

On the outside, visage beaming,
 Sits the Keeper, always scheming,
Locking out all things redeeming
 As he turns his key…

"Thank you for your soul, my friends,
 Thank you for your soul–
Trading freedom for your fear
 Completes my hellish goal!"