The marble headstone guides my path
 Past freshly-shoveled earth–
A grim reminder of my name
 And days allowed since birth.

I rise above the icy stone
 In phantom shades of white;
Encircled by unearthly mists,
 I cry into the night...

 "Who forgot to call my name?
  Please make your presence known;
 I do not wish to linger here,
  Afraid and all alone."

The thunder rumbles east to west
 In lieu of a reply
As clouds blot out a final hope
 Held captive in the sky.

Straining upward through the storm
 With dark unblinking gaze,
I shake my fist against the gale
 And lightning’s brilliant blaze...

 "Who forgot to take my hand
  And walk me through the rain?
 Because I thought nobody cared,
  I sheathed my heart with pain."

The tempest howling through the trees
 Bequeaths a mournful song,
Composed of grief and broken dreams
 And prayers which don’t belong.

Avoiding stones and monuments
 Of those who've shared my fate,
I turn to flee but cannot move
 Beyond the rusted gate...

 "Who forgot to speak the truth
  When God incurred my wrath?
 By drinking deep of bitter tears,
  I wove a twisted path."

The muffled crunch of grinding rock
 Reverberates below–
The earth reveals a gaping wound
 Where hellish fires glow.

Unholy legions swarm my grave
 And strip me of my choice;
Their horrid screaming fills my ears
 And drowns my pleading voice...

 "Who forgot to save my soul
  Before my time to die?
 Without my cloak of sinful flesh,
  The choice has passed me by."

Hands of darkness drag me down
 For sins I can't atone;
Resisting more than during life,
 I clutch at polished stone.

Above me looms the marble slab
 Which bears my graven name–
A grim reminder who forgot,
 And who deserves the blame...

…Exhausted, I release my grip
     And slip into the flame.