Through twilight alleyways I roam,
 Below the dank, forbidding walls;
Since birth I've had no other home,
 Yet feel displaced when darkness falls.

Perdition's flames divert my quest
 As icy fingers stroke my spine;
I curse the coils within my chest,
 But sense the fault is fully mine.

A stabbing pain inside my soul
 Reveals the sickness deep within,
So I keep striving toward my goal
 To free myself from jaws of sin.

Can those afflicted find a cure
 When evil grips the heart so tight?
A hope once heard, although obscure—
 "Seek JESUS SAVES in neon light."

I scour the contents of my brain
 For memories to lead me there
And stumble through the dark and rain
 Until I see The Clinic's glare.

The door swings open at my touch,
 A Nurse regards my shy approach;
Her caring eyes reveal so much,
 Devoid of loathing and reproach.

"Please tell me of your woes," she smiles,
 "So we might treat your troubled soul,
But first, let's check your worldly files
 To see what virtues you extol."

She asks the year that I was born,
 Then ambles through my years of shame
And pulls a folder, soiled and worn—
 Its front emblazoned with my name.

"I see from this," the Nurse begins,
 "Your Resignation and Resolve
Are predisposed by chronic sins
 Which left untreated won't dissolve.

"Peer Pressure flux has me concerned,
 From lack of Truth your friends impart,
But I detect no Kindness spurned
 Or undue hardness of your heart."

She stops quite unexpectedly
 With eyebrows arched and piercing eyes,
"As best you can, explain to me
 Your malady as you surmise."

I swallow back my choking fears,
 Not quite prepared to shed my pride,
But soon I'm mixing words with tears,
 Revealing secrets locked inside.

"A fearsome beast within my chest
 Has plagued me since my boyhood past;
Although I strive to do my best,
 I fear my strength is fading fast.

"At its command my temper soars
 And mindless brawling oft ensues,
From my own tongue the monster roars
 With blasphemies I can't refuse.

"Its breath goes flaming through my soul
 To scorch my faith with fervent lies;
Please help! before I lose control
 And thus become what I despise!"

The Nurse appears to understand
 What evil spawns my hellish plight;
She lays a reassuring hand
 Upon my own and squeezes tight.

"You suffer from an ancient shame
 Which spreads to rip mankind apart,
It's called Dracardia by name—
 Translated: Dragon of the Heart.

"In newborn hearts upon this earth
 Lie dragonwogs not yet empowered;
They snap and snarl from day of birth
 Till all, save one, have been devoured.

"The final dragon grows in length
 With twisting coils like iron chains
And feeds upon all righteous strength
 Until no shred of faith remains."

"Then I am doomed!" I wail aloud,
 "I have no choice than be enslaved!
If it is true, what you've avowed,
 Then who among us might be saved?"

"Don't give up hope," the Nurse assures,
 "I have Good News to share with you;
Our Doctor knows of dragon cures
 And He alone can pull you through."

She leads me through a heavy veil
 Of purple, blue, and scarlet red
Into a room with no detail
 Or hint of what may lie ahead.

A single window, void of glass,
 Stands overlooking dismal streets;
Through open doorways breezes pass
 To cool my doubts from past deceits.

No instruments or tools in sight
 Nor cupboards filled with labeled vials,
Just walls adorned in gleaming white
 And stacks of old discarded files.

Ablaze with light from every star,
 The Doctor strolls into the room;
My eyes are blinded near to far
 Which leaves His visage to assume.

I sense His breath upon my face;
 "Come out of him!" the Doctor speaks,
But coils of sin resist His grace
 And from my heart the dragon shrieks.

With words far sharper than a blade,
 He slices through the dragon's guile
And thwarts all efforts to evade
 Or slither deeper in denial.

Ignoring fangs and snapping jaws,
 The Doctor grasps its scaly head
Which earns attacks from thorny claws—
 Upon each hand, a splash of red.

In foul defeat, the dragon roars,
 Protesting all divine restraint,
Then through the open window soars
 To search for newborn hearts to taint.

My files are thrown on those amassed,
 And Doctor fades from mortal sight;
I leave The Clinic, free at last
 To walk forevermore in light.