When Turbobikes and Vaprocars
  Climb aeroways up to the stars,
    And Visiscreens convulse and flex
      With music from The PortaPlex,
        I love to flee the crowded night
          Aboard a discount lunar flight
            And fly to where my dreams await—
              Please join me there...
                It's not too late.

The journey spans both day and night
  As we explore the dark and light
    Amid the stillness born of space
      Where godly whispers still embrace
        The dreams of those who seek rebirth
          Beyond the confines of the earth—
            And by His love our souls commune
              While dancing barefoot
                On the moon.

Set free from all opposing force,
  Our hearts will soar without remorse
    And flit about like toy balloons
      As we traverse the dusty dunes
        Where ancient lovers often gazed...
          And yet, the moon remains unphased
            By our desire to seek repose
              With lunar sand
                Between our toes.

Through seas and craters we shall roam
  Beneath the moon's protective dome
    Until we hear the final call
      For our departure; spirits fall
        To realize our trip must end—
          Back to the earth we both descend,
            Returned to life one day too soon
              From dancing barefoot
                On the moon.